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"Capturing the Sacred Moment: Toronto Baptism Photography Tips with Tegan Monaco"

Updated: Mar 22

I recently had the honour of photographing a Baptism for a wonderful family. Capturing photographs for this event are once in a lifetime moments. Your little one is only this little once.

In preparing for this event, there were a few things that greatly helped make the event run smoothly and be a great success.

Prepare a list of must-have photos with the family

Speaking with the family 1 - 2 weeks prior to their event is key. Ask who will be attending, what are their must-have photos and who would they like to have in each photo group. On the day of, you don't want to be interrupting the family to ask if they want a photo - you direct and lead the families to capture these moments.

Speak with the Priest to know what you can and can't do at the church

As a photographer in a church setting, you want to be as quiet as you can be and out of the way.

Asking the Priest if flash photography is allowed during his service is key, as well as asking where you can stand. Last thing you want to do is be in the wrong place interrupting the service!!

Arrive early to the event and test out your lighting!

Getting to your location early is a must! Takes away your nerves, helps you map out your photo spots and most importantly test out your light before the family arrives. Once the baptism event starts, you'll be moving quickly.

Deliver the final gallery as quick as you can...

With this event being so special, I knew the family was excited to see photos. Immediately following the event, I shared a few sneak peek's from their gallery on their special day. A few days after their event, I was able to finish their gallery that they could share with their family and friends who attended.

Do you have a special event coming up for your family? Birthday milestone or religious event?

Let's connect today! Booking at least 4 weeks in advance will help guarantee my availability.

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