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Behind the scenes planning & preparing your gallery- With Toronto Family Photographer Tegan Monaco

Must-have photo conversation via email

Once your session is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of location, payment, and a suggested list of must-have photos to begin the conversation. This is an important part of the planning phase so I can make sure your vision is achieved.

Workflow documents are key...

After we've made our suggested list, I prepare a workflow document to plan out our session, how it will flow and pull together a few example poses/ideas that my client can review. I find this part of the process incredibly helpful as some clients will have an idea in mind of a particular few photos they want and how they want it composed...and when they help show visually this can ensure that I help achieve their visions in mind. Some clients leave it completely up to me - and that's perfectly ok too!

Zoom call touch-point

We have a zoom call at least one week before our session to say hello, review the workflow and help answer any questions on location, etc before your big day. Even if it's a quick 5 minute call, I love these calls to learn a bit more about your families, their ages and what they are interested in. I reassure the parents of my goal to make sure the kids are comfortable first and help answer questions on what to bring or even what to wear.

Photo-shoot is what?

Now the fun part begins! Right after our session, I begin the culling process behind the scenes. I once had a Mom say in their session "You've taken so many photos today, how will I only select 10"? I reassured this Mom that they didn't need to worry. That's my job.

Editing process

During my editing process, I will identify my top favourites, begin the editing process and bring the album down to a reasonable amount to share within the gallery. This is the part that takes some time - I'm always careful to keep in some that I think they will like vs. what I prefer! My gallery images are also shared in both colour and black and white. I help through the entire process to ensure they've chosen their favourites and are super happy with their choices.

One favourite comment I heard recently from a past client is "So hard to decide to be honest!"

Let's book now to capture these moments while they are still little!

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