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Benefit of an Extended Photography Family Session

Updated: Feb 27

Milton and Toronto Based Photographer

Including Grandparents to your family sessions has so many benefits!!

You're creating memories for your children with the photos you are capturing as an extended family

Multi-generational photos are so rare & unique to your family

There is something uniquely special about capturing several generations during your session – subtle family resemblances are highlighted, and an abundance of love is shown through every photo. It's not every day that you're able to capture the family together with multiple generations in one image - gives me goosebumps when all the stars align.

Grandparents love being included!

Seeing the relationships between the Grandparents & their grandchildren is so special.

During our session, I enjoy watching them together as they play, walk in the park together and share those special conversations with the bonds they do have.

They play a huge part of your children's lives.

Whether the children see them daily for regular visits, or connect virtually, they play an important role. It's so special for them to be a part of these moments.

My approach to a bigger family session is to be fluid and flexible, ensuring everyone is comfortable in the desired location & sneak in photos of these special moments without anyone noticing. ⁠

It also makes a unique and personal gift!

After your session, you can print and frame these photos to give to them. They'll be able to show all of their friends and be so proud. You can enjoy book a session just for them as a gift too!

Let's connect today to plan your extended family session today - I will create joy and ease for you during your session so you can enjoy the moment creating all of these new memories together!

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