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Best light during the day for your Outdoor Family Session!

I've learned so much from shooting outdoors for my family sessions and when to take advantage of the best light. The ideal time to have your session is 2-3 hours after sunrise (8-11am) or right before sunset (3-6pm). This is considered the magic hours as the sun at these times is low and would provide the best quality of light for your photos.

Overcast weather is ideal

Many people think the best time is when the sun is shining but the opposite is true. Clouds are a photographers best friend. The direct sun can be harsh, adding shadows and highlights that we are working hard to avoid. Squinting and trying to smile is very hard to do, and kids will only turn away from the camera to their parents.

I want you, and your family to look your best

My goal on location is to photograph at these ideal times to help control the direction of light. Finding shade (if necessary) with a great backdrop will give you the most smooth lighting. This will help highlight your families natural features in the best way ensuring everyone looks their best. With proper exposure and white balance, I promise you that your photos will turn out amazing.

I will take the worry off you

I will monitor weather and reach out to connect with a minimum of 48 hours notice if we need to adjust timing, or select another day on the calendar. Don't worry, as that's my job!

Book your session with me!

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