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Best time to take your Maternity photos with Toronto Family Photographer, Tegan Monaco

Updated: Mar 15

This is a common question asked by expecting Mom's curious on when to get their sessions scheduled in time before their baby arrives.

Maternity photos are so special, and really capture an amazing moment for future Mom's. This is a time in your life that you want to look back on and have fun at a photo-shoot.

Between 28-34 weeks is ideal!

The best time is when you're feeling at your best which I've found is at the start of your third trimester, beginning at 28 weeks.

Between 28-34 weeks is an ideal time where your growing bump will look beautiful in photos, and you're likely feeling relatively well for photos. It's a nice time to be pampered too before you get your photos done.

Bring along a favourite item to wear

It's always a fun idea to bring a personal item from your closet that is important to you. A Leather jacket, favourite blazer, cozy sweater and a piece of jewelry you want to highlight.

It's a great way to personalize your maternity photos.

Don't be too hard on yourself

You've already done the hard work with your pregnancy so far, don't worry about the perfect outfit, hair or spray tan that you want to get done. You'll look perfect the way that you are...and your child will love looking back on the time "they were in your tummy". I know my kids do!

Let's connect today to plan ahead for your maternity session and newborn session too!

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