• Tegan Monaco

Bring your Pets!

Your pet is a part of your family, and can absolutely be included in your family session. I love meeting them! Of course you'll want to show off your pet to your extended family. This is not an uncommon question as I get asked it all the time.

Have a plan!

Unless you're looking for a pet specific photo shoot, you'll likely not want your pet in every photo. Think about what they could do while you're getting your photo done. Bring their favourite toy to play with on the side. If it's an open area and quiet location, you can use your comfort level to let them roam free. Totally up to you! Whichever option you choose is your judgement call and will vary on what you're most comfortable with.

My past clients have really enjoyed having their family portrait done with their pets, and are grateful they were included. Prior to your session, I will confirm everyone attending to help plan my timing to make it as efficient as possible.

Be Patient

Most pets won't pose perfectly (obviously) so let them be! Just being in the photo will make them look cute and a wonderful memory to capture. Embrace the super candid expressions from everyone, including your pet!

A past client enjoyed her Chocolate Labrador coming to her session

“Tegan was professional, fun, and was able to get great photos of us including our high energy toddler and chocolate Labrador! I highly recommend booking a session to capture your family's precious memories!”

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