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Event Photography with Tegan Monaco, Toronto Photographer

Updated: Apr 5

You're planning a special family event and thinking of hiring a Photographer to capture the special moments...and you might be wondering these questions that I've got answers to!

1. How many photos will you take during my event?

I love event photography - so many opportunities for great photos capturing at different times in your event. Once everyone in your family arrives, I like to get everyone together to get the family portraits (more posed images) out of the way. This can happen near the start of your event if it works out...but I am flexible as we work together during the actual event. During many parts of an event, such as cocktail hour or family mingling, I like to take candid photos being behind the scenes and capturing these moments you'll love looking back on.

I take more photos that we need to ensure we've got lots of variety of choices!

2. How do we ensure all my must-have photos are taken in the time that we have?

A few weeks before your event, I like to schedule a zoom call to connect over video and discuss your must-have photos including family names and ages. This helps me organize the time well and know which photos are most important for you to have from my time on-site. I often have this list of photos on-location with me and check as I am going to get them all checked off.

3. Do you charge extra for travel between venues?

No - my hourly rate includes travel to and from and I do not add in an extra charge for events. When a client reaches out to inquire for my pricing, I like to get an idea of total time required and share the best rate that works for all of us, with the best use of my time overall to get the final images you need.

4. Do I have to choose the top photos in my gallery or can we define how many I will get? I get it - it's so hard to choose when it's your family photos!

Some clients like to see a bigger gallery they can choose from and others want to only receive the number of images they have purchased. I totally get it - it would be hard for me to select my top images of my family too!

During the booking process for your event, we can decide what works best for you overall and I can help share how many images are included overall so everyone is happy!

Most important piece of advice is to hire a Photographer, like me, for your special family event so you don't need to take out your camera or your phone to capture the moments.

Looking forward to capturing moments for your upcoming event!

Let's connect today to have your event moments captured!

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