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Extended Family Sessions - With Portrait Photographer, Tegan Monaco

You've dreamed of having your whole family together for a portrait session! I know, I have. The most challenging part is finding a date on the calendar that works for everyone - and for everyone to show up!

These past 2 years, I've done over 15 extended family sessions and absolutely love them!

Let me tell you why it's a great idea!

  1. Having multiple generations together is priceless. Capturing sweet candid moments are so sacred and special to have in your photo albums.

  2. At an extended family sessions, multiple combinations of photos are captured which include:

    1. Cousins all together

    2. Grandparents with Grandchildren

    3. Parents with their children

    4. Siblings (adults and kids)

    5. Family portraits

  3. In just a one hour session, we take a variety of photos and have fun along the way. I help provide some guidance and direction on how to pose and also let a variety of candid moments just happen.

  4. These photos make great fits for your parents and grandparents - make your session a special gift for an anniversary present or upcoming milestone birthday!

  5. The location is up to you! Can be in your own backyard or a special park close to home that makes it easy for everyone to meet at.

  6. I'll monitor weather leading up to the big day leaving you with nothing to worry about - just getting your outfit organized!

Extended family sessions taking a few weeks to plan - good to get a date on the calendar about a month or two in advance and everything will fall into place!

Reach out to let me help with the planning for this Fall 2023!

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