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Flexibility of being a Digital Photographer..

Updated: Mar 14

I've loved photography since an early age! Holding the camera in my hands, looking through the viewfinder and hearing the sounds of the camera are all things I get excited about.

Whether it's using film or a digital camera, we are all artists with a unique eye capturing something we are interested in. When I first started learning photography, I used film to better understand how the camera worked and the ideal settings in a variety of lighting situations.

I currently enjoy being a digital photographer with the flexibility and dynamic range a digital file provides. It gives me the opportunity to take a large number of photos during your session, review as we are going for exposure and best angles, as well as creativity in post-production. With digital photos, every photo is stored on a memory card, and resolution is recorded in mega-pixels.

With the majority of my sessions being held with families, you'll find me quickly looking at my camera settings, but also at the photo to ensure everyone's expressions were captured and eyes open!

Benefit to hiring a Digital Photographer

During our session, I enjoy showing you a few photos as a preview which can be done instantly on my camera. With the FujixT4 that I use, I can also share a photo to you immediately following the session so you have a keepsake right away! The experience I want to provide to my clients is having a fun, enjoyable session within an efficient time frame too.

You love your photo but would like it switched from colour to black & white

With digital photos, I can easily make this change! So many possibilities for creativity in my editing process, and happy to work together to finalize your top photos.

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