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Get organized before your photo session with Toronto Family Photographer, Tegan Monaco Photography

15 minute Planning call

Before your session, I will schedule a 15 minute call with you to discuss location details, what to expect and hear about your vision for your photos. It's so important to connect to be on the same page and ensure I have a full picture of what you are hoping to get out of your session.

Want specific props on location?

Share during our touch-point call if you have a specific vision with props that I can get organized ahead of time.

For example, during the holiday season, we set up ornaments in the forest for a families holiday card that worked well, and the kids had fun holding and playing with the props too. I'm open to what works best for you!

Outfit Tips

- Take time to think through what your outfits will be for you and your family.

- Remember, you don't need to match. Check out the photos in this post that show a range

of what other families have done for outfits in the past.

- Check out my other detailed blog on "what to wear" for help on recommendations for each

specific season.

Let your family know what to expect

- Let them know how long the session will be and what types of photos to expect

- Encourage them to be themselves and come to have fun!

Day of Photo Session

- Give yourself enough time to travel to our photo location

- Play at the park first before our photos to give your kids time to unwind before! I can also

capture great shots of them playing before hand.

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