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Hello! I'm Tegan Monaco.

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I'm a Photographer, Mama and addicted to all things Peloton. ⁠

This past year, more than ever, I feel it’s important to freeze a moment of the journey no matter how many distractions may be around me.⁠

This is at the core of why I love being a photographer. ⁠The feeling I get looking through the lens knowing the family I’m working with will cherish the experience is incredibly satisfying. ⁠

Wondering when the best time to get your photos done is?

Now! Capturing the moments as your family is now is most important.

Your kids are only this little once, and you'll be grateful you've made the time for it.

I know I've been so happy when my family had a moment like this and am reminded of that every time I see our family portrait in the frame on display.

Book your family session today, in a COVID safe environment outdoors. ⁠

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