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I love dance photography!

Updated: Mar 22

It is so beautiful and SO much fun.

This month, I had the pleasure of working with a local dance studio, Dynamic Dance Arts, for their annual picture day.

I learned so many helpful things with this new project!

Be extremely organized before the event...

1. Before the photo-shoot, be extremely organized with your workflow systems to be ready for high-volume editing. Have your individual folders ready for editing, prepare the dancer lists by groups and make sure all of your gear is organized in a checklist.

Watch your time closely

Prepare a clear schedule for each dancer and watch your time closely. Have a clock in the room, and know how long you are taking per person.

Ask for help from the studio

Have an extra person to help support you with the schedule keeps you right on track. Thank you DDA for being amazing at keeping us so well on track!

Bring your own snacks to keep your energy up!

Keep up your energy for every dancer that walks in for their photo. They have been preparing, getting ready and are excited for their moment in front of the camera. Know their name and introduce yourself to reduce their nerves.

Want to see more tips on how I plan for a successful on-site dance photography session?

If you're on-location, set up your studio well in advance so you can test out lighting and be well prepared when 80 dancers come infront of your camera.

I can't wait for the next dance photography opportunity! It was SO fun!

Let's connect today to plan your events!

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