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Laughing is the best strategy to capture a candid moment!

I get it. You've wanted to update your family portrait in the frame you look at everyday but it's hard to find the right time.

You also want everyone looking their best with haircuts and nice outfits....The hardest part is booking the time and figuring out what everyone will wear, what time you need to leave the house by and arrive on-time. It’s a lot of work - but I promise you worth it! I’ve heard countless of times during a session, “we should have done this sooner”!

Let go of perfection!

My goal during our session is for everyone to have FUN! We have enough stress and worry in our day to day life as a Mom especially, so it’s my job to make sure you let go and enjoy yourself. Let things flow and let everyone be.

Don’t worry if your kids don’t want to smile or pose!

I’ve caught myself many times with my own kids trying to take a photo saying “smile”, “look at the camera” and “just one more photo”. Often it's the best photos that are candid and natural showing their true personality. I've had success with past clients sneaking in photos when the kids don't even know I've taken a series of photos.

I'll never forget a little girl waking up right from her nap and coming to her session. Her expressions were serious and tired (which became my favourite photos), but by the end of the session she warmed up and was playing around. I was able to capture her personality in so many ways!

It’s my job as your photographer to engage with your family, learn about their personalities and be quick to get the photos. I enjoy getting down on the kids level.

Did you know having your child bring their favourite toy or animal could actually help ease them into the session. My Daughter is obsessed with her bunny and it literally goes everywhere so I get it.

Absolutely! If this will make them more comfortable, bring along anything that will help. I will take photos with this object and remove if when I can - don’t worry!

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