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My top 2 favourite locations for your family photos

Updated: Mar 15

1. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

What I love about this location is the scenic waterfront trail that travels all around the conservation area. Rattray Marsh has so many photography opportunities for your family sessions. You will not be disappointed!

Raised platforms allow for wider and higher pathways designed to keep everyone on the main trails and the natural areas undisturbed. Visitors can only use the trails on foot which means no cycling allowed which makes it nicer and easier to get around.

2. West Deane Park

This park is a favourite of mine - It is situated in the scenic Mimico Creek Ravine Valley.

Secret forest trails

I know the best spots - this park is one of my favourites and I’m familiar with the most ideal locations for your family photos. You’ll enjoy the family walk to reach the destination and breath in the fresh air.

Highlighted by a paved exercise and bicycle trail that winds its way along the course of the Mimico Creek, this park offers lots of photo opportunities throughout the many trails.

Kids playgrounds available

If your kids need a break after our session, you can take advantage of the children’s playground after! Always a perk for little ones looking to run off some energy.

Selecting your Outdoor location

After you’ve reached out for interest in family photos, I will schedule a call to connect and discuss your goals for our photo session. Depending on the season, I can help recommend locations that have worked well in the past.

Not sure on your location?

That's ok!

We will work together to find the perfect location - I am absolutely open to travelling to have your photo session in your preferred location.

Prior to our session, I will check out the location in advance and have suggested spots planned in advance to make the best use of our time. Travel fees may apply depending on distance.

Reach out to connect to plan and book your session today!

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