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My Top 5 Photos - Toronto Family Photographer - Tegan Monaco

When I'm working with clients to prepare for their upcoming photo session, I like to share the plan of types of photos I aim to capture and the timeline for our session. I am open to all ideas and suggestions every family has for their sessions so they get the photos they want!

At the start o

Often, I find with young children, it's great to get the more "formal" photos out of the way first, and leave the candid, silly ones for later on when their personalities truly shine.

My Top 5

1. Family Portrait

At the start of the session when everyone is getting comfortable, I keep the family close together and start sneaking in a few photos right away. It's a sweet moment right away when everyone is looking their best - the smiles are not mandatory and will come later on!

2. Siblings

As we move through the session, I'll keep the children together for a siblings moment. I like to talk to them about school, their interests and even asking fun questions which helps them get more comfortable all together. If the children are younger, I will move quickly and bring in some bubbles or toys to play with. so we get those photos right away. Depending on the season, we may throw some leaves up in the air all together, or even make snowballs to throw around. Keeping it fun is key!

3. Individual Portraits of each Child

Next, I'll work with each child to pick a spot on location that they like and take a few solo photos. If I can tell the child is nervous or quiet, I will engage and connect before continuing to take more photos. I like to remind kids they don't need to smile, can just be themselves and to not worry about anything else.

4. Parents Together

I like to get the parents together for a couple photo - I've heard countless times that the last time the parents had a photo was on their wedding day. Having a few laughs and connecting together make the BEST photos.

5. Mom with Kids and/or Dad with kids

It's so fun to watch the parents light up when I ask them to take a photo with their kids. Having a nice Mother's Day or Father's Day photo is always a nice moment and so special for the family.

Book your session today! I look forward to freezing these moments in time for your family.

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