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On-Location Toronto studio events with Tegan Monaco

Updated: Mar 22

Did you know my studio can travel to photograph your special event?

This past year, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph corporate events and bring all of my studio equipment with me. Types of events I've participated in include family birthday milestones in their own backyard, to wedding anniversaries in a banquet hall and corporate headshot events in the office during a team meeting.

Everything I use in studio is portable..

I bring all of my backdrops, studio lighting and seating to your event so we have everything you need in your home or office event.

To get organized for your on-site photograph session, it's important to do a site visit two weeks ahead of the event to see the space and discuss a few ideas I have in mind.

In addition, we plan out together the types of photos you want to have captured as your must-haves!

Benefits of hiring a professional photographer...

  • All of your must-have photos are captured, with photographs your family enjoys for years to come

  • It allows you to enjoy your event and not have to think about taking photos

  • Photographs have high-end studio lighting

  • After your event, you'll be able to choose your favourite photos as part of your package!

Let's connect today if you have a special event coming up and need a professional photographer!

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