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Only Need 1 Headshot? Let me tell you why you need more...

I often get an inquiry from a client looking for a new updated headshot.

Either your work has requested a new profile photo or you may be looking for a new position.

Having a current headshot is an important way to keep your profile active and up to date. Everything from the expression, to the clothes that you wear all tell a story which is why it’s so important to have them professionally done.

My headshot packages begin with 10 images as part of your package.

You may think but I just need 1 photo! Here’s a few reasons why you’ll need more long-term.

We will spend one hour together in studio taking a variety of poses and expressions to capture your vision.

  1. You’ll want to bring multiple outfits to change up your look. Each outfit gives you a different feeling and it shows with your expressions and confidence.

  2. You may only need one photo for work right now. Over the next year or two, you’ll need to update your work profiles, LinkedIn, conference speaker brochures they may need a photo for or your own personal social sites (even dating)!

  3. From your final gallery I share after our session, you will have a variety of poses - a tight headshot (shoulders up), mid-waist, full length, etc. With 10 in your package, you’ll have many to select from!

  4. Lastly, it’s hard to pick just one! Taking this time as an investment for yourself is important and helps long term for your career and personal growth to have up to date headshots! No more selfies!

Let’s connect today if you’re in need of updating new headshots!

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