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"Tips for Capturing the Perfect Group Photo with Tegan Monaco"

Updated: Mar 22


When working at an event that requires large group photos, patience is key.

Making sure all the key people have arrived is #1. Then, gathering the group together as closely as you can is your next challenge.

Using a tripod is key

Before your group shots, test out your lighting and use a tripod to get into position. This makes it so much easier as you're moving your group into position and then you're ready to go.

Give Direction

As the photographer, everyone is looking for you to direct them into place. Move people around as needed so you have the shorter people in front, and taller people at the back. Use chairs to help create more levels and take your time to get everyone into position.

Tell funny jokes to keep everyone entertained

As everyone is in position, and you're ready to take the photos, add in some funny jokes to keep everyone entertained.

Have them look to their partner and then look back, which always results in laughter in the moment. Try to make it fun and get your photos as quickly as you can!

As intense as the moment can feel while trying to capture the best group photo, make sure you check your camera to see that everyone is in focus, lighting is good and you've got it...before the group starts leaving their positions.

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