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Photographing Toronto Trade-show events with Tegan Monaco

Updated: Mar 22

This past year, I've had the opportunity to photograph a variety of larger events!

What can you expect if you book my services for your upcoming event?

Organizing and Planning is TOP priority!

From the moment the session is booked, I go into planning mode. We set up a zoom call to connect and help plan out the details of your event, what are your needs, top must-have photos, etc. It's very similar to any other planning call I have with clients, just on a larger scale.

Site Visit On-site a few days before

A few days before the event, I like to do an on-site visit to check out the location, assess the backgrounds I have available as well as lighting in the space. This helps me plan out what equipment I need to bring on-site.

Day of your event you can expect I will be on-site early preparing and getting organized.

Capturing video footage is something I can help you with...

You may need employee testimonials or customer interactions on video that you can use for social media content or website promotion...I can help your team with this!

Check out the calendar today for future booking availability for your events!

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