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Podcast interview with Sandra Coan & Toronto Family Photographer Tegan Monaco

Excited to share I’m on Sandra Coan’s podcast!

When I lived in NYC a few years ago, I loved experiencing the culture of the city & meeting so many new people. With this new motivation, I pursued my photography passion and enjoyed learning with the New York Institute of Photography.

Meant to be...

In my final course of website development and branding my new business, I came across Sandra Coan's Six Figure Studio Photography 6 month coaching course. It was a course I wasn't even looking for but looking back it was completely meant to be. I didn't even know photography coaching courses were available until it popped up on my Instagram feed.

This course came at the perfect time for my business. Most importantly, I connected with Photographers across the world that have become my network to collaborate together. I am so grateful!

Last month, I did an interview with Sandra Coan for her Podcast "Beyond Natural Light - A Photography Podcast". Sandra helps share our conversation on how I started my business during covid lockdowns and built my business foundations.

Listen in to learn more!

Episode 044: How to Use Slowness in Your Business to Work on Your Business with Tegan Monaco

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