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Safety at each session...

As a Mom with young children, health & safety is the top priority to me at every session. For the last two years, we've all had to take extra measures to keep our little ones healthy and our extended families safe too. Wearing my mask is one way I can achieve this!

When a client books their session with me, which could be in-studio for branding or headshot session or an outdoor family session, I always reassure them of the ways they will feel safe in their session.

I'm triple vaccinated

Being honest and upfront with my clients about my vaccination status is important to me. Especially when we work indoors in studio (at my home)...

My Mask is always on...

Even with the provincial guidelines lifting masking rules, I wear my mask at every session to help eliminate any extra risk and provide safety to every client.

Outdoor sessions I safely keep my distance...

I like to ensure keeping a safe distance is still in place - helps each client feel comfortable and at ease.

Rescheduling sessions is ok!

A few days before a session, I check-in with the client to see how they are feeling, and if we have a need to reschedule. Having everyone feeling their best is key to a great session.

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