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Studio Family Portraits - With Portrait Photographer, Tegan Monaco

In need of a family portrait and headshots as well?!? Combine your studio session into one!

In a one-hour studio session, we can easily define what photos you need and want from your session. By defining your needs before you come in, I can plan ahead and make sure we capture all the photos you're looking for.

Just recently, I had a family call me in need of some urgent photos for their Company, and we booked them in the studio for the next day and turned around the images within 24 hours to meet their tight deadline. With the flexibility I can offer with both of my studios, I'm able to quickly adapt to your needs.

What's the process to book with me?

  1. Define date and time of when you want to come in via email or phone with me directly

  2. Pay $50 deposit to secure the date and time

  3. Sign off on my contract

  4. Review my confirmation email with address details and tips on what to wear

  5. Figure out your outfit

  6. Arrive on time & pay remaining balance

  7. Your final gallery will be shared as quickly as you need them!

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