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Tips to help you take great photos of your kids with Toronto Family Photographer, Tegan Monaco

Updated: Mar 15

Capturing photos of your own children can seem impossible to do - I can totally relate.

Remember, you don't need a fancy professional camera. Simply grabbing your phone to use in the moment will be perfect.

Set up toys they love

I've discovered recently that having an area set up with staged toys that they love. It's a nice way to capture the age they are at, and their favourite toys that they play with so much.

Sit and wait...

Instead of asking your kids to look your way to "smile", simply sit and wait for them to play with their toys, or even naturally look up at you. You'll capture an honest candid moment with whatever their expression is.

Position kids near windows which provide great natural light

Opening the blinds, and pointing out things outside are all helpful ways to take a beautiful photo. I love their candid expression as they discover something new with their innocent expressions...and they won't even know you're taking a photo as they are distracted.

Find beauty in the every day routine

It's the simple moments that we will miss as parents when our children grow older. Taking a photo during bedtime stories will be a photo you will cherish for years to come. Embrace the messy, fun moments of sitting at the dinner table eating or playing outside and throwing leaves in the air.

Let go of perfection!

Letting go of the expectation may be the hardest thing for you to do! Don't try to get your kids to pose and smile in every photo you take. Let them be little and express what they want to in the moment.

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