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"Capturing Memories: Why Newborn Photos Matter with Tegan Monaco"

Updated: Mar 22

1. They are only this little once!!

As a Mama of two, I know how fast and fleeting these moments are. When you’re so tired and trying to figure out everything in those early days, take away the stress of capturing the moments and bring me in to help!

With my professional equipment and lighting, I’ll be sure to capture the sweet tiny details of their little hands, feet and first few yawns.

2. They make great gifts

Announcing the birth or share with your parents and grandparents has never been easier! You’ll have the perfect photos to use from the first few moments.

3. Your kids will love these memories

I'm always amazed at my own children asking to look at their baby pictures, and wondering how it all began. Looking back on these precious moments in their baby books is a fun activity for the whole family.

4. You’ll have no regret

Once you book your newborn session and the date is all scheduled, you’ll feel relief knowing these moments will be captured!

5. Most important reason…to make Mom happy!

After going through pregnancy and having your little one arrive, these photos are a true gift for you to savour and enjoy as a family. Celebrate this amazing time of growing your family today!

Check out my newborn photography portfolio to share recent sessions!

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