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Top 5 reasons to join my Fall Mini-Sessions!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I am so excited to run my Fall mini sessions this year - last Fall was a big success and I always love meeting new families.⁠

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share 5 reasons why a mini-session are a great idea for your families!⁠

Reason 1: It only takes 20 minutes!⁠

You'll only need 20 minutes at the park with me to capture these special moments. ⁠

This makes it quick and easy, and super enjoyable for everyone. ⁠

This gives you time back in your weekend for family fun.⁠

We all have 20 minutes right?!? ⁠

Reason 2: This is the only time of year I have a sale!⁠

Take advantage of my sale and celebrate your family being together. ⁠

After your mini-session, you'll have the opportunity to view your whole gallery and select 7 images as part of your package. ⁠I aim to take a variety of poses and variations so you have lots of options to select from.⁠

There is always an opportunity to purchase more if interested too.⁠

Reason #3: Mini-sessions are all outdoors and covid friendly!⁠

I am always focused on health and safety in every one of my sessions. ⁠

As a Mom of 2, I',m focused on keeping my family healthy which is what I also keep in mind in all of my photoshoots. ⁠We can all keep a safe distance, be outdoors and have fun, especially with the back to school return for all of our kids. ⁠The parks I've chosen have a large amount of green space and beautiful backdrops for your photos.⁠

Reason #4: It's a great season with beautiful colours 🍂 🍁 that provide the perfect backdrop for your family photos. ⁠

Deciding on your outfits to wear as a family is easier too in the Fall. Using layers to stay cozy and add in a pop of colour to add dimension. ⁠Jackets, light sweaters, ankle or riding boots are all great pieces to consider.⁠

⁠If your family has a favourite sports team, bring your jerseys! This is your time together and come celebrate your interests!⁠

Reason #5: I care! 💞⁠

As a Mom of 2, I fully know how important it is to have new photos up on the wall to look at as a family. ⁠

⁠When we did our family photos last year, I was so happy to be in them with my family.⁠ ⁠I will work hard during your session to capture these timeless moments and help give you lots of options to choose from in your final gallery.⁠

Everyone is welcome - couples, families, extended families! Also, your pets are absolutely welcome to join as they are a part of your family. ⁠

Let's connect today to get your family in on Sept 18th or Sept 24th!

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