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What do my clients say after a session with Tegan Monaco, Professional Photographer

I am SO proud of my Google reviews - Over 105 clients have ranked my work at a 5 star level and I couldn't be happier. I am very intentional with each session and strive to make my clients happy during the entire process.

I wanted to share the real reviews from my clients that I continually look at and determine how I could better improve for the next session.

  • "Provided a smooth booking process"

  • "Made me feel comfortable and images were authentic"

  • "Tegan is quick & efficient"

  • "Great client experience, fun & relaxed session"

  • "Easy to reach Tegan, clear communication on process"

  • "Polished, professional & high quality images"

  • "Wonderful with kids"

  • "My gallery turned out better than expected!"

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