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"Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Sessions with Young Kids: Finding Your Key to Success"

Updated: Mar 22


This Fall I've photographed dozens of young children and whether they are 1 year old or 7 year old, it's all the same.

Children take time to warm up to getting their photos done. Often, they've been put into outfits they haven't worn before (and are brand new) and then set up to take hundreds of photos.

My approach is to introduce myself, show them my camera and have some fun.

By not rushing the children or forcing them to get into position, I'm able to capture the more candid moments parents love.

If they need a break during our session, that's ok.

Let's throw some leaves, find some sticks or have a snack. Whatever is needed to help them feel more comfortable.

By the end of our session, they are LOVING having their photo taken and want me to keep going!

Trust that I will get the photos you love and your children will have fun in the end.

Contact Tegan to look at the schedule for your family!!

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