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What's the difference between a mini-session and regular-session?

Did you know Fall is my favourite season!

You might be wondering what is the difference?


  • If you're looking for a super quick 20 minute session and only need a few photos for your holiday cards or a new family photo, this could be the perfect session for you.

  • Or you might have little ones and you're worried they might not sit still for a full session.

  • The location of a mini-session is pre-determined, where I have in mind a set of photo poses taken within a 20 minute timeframe.

  • You'll have the option after your session to select up to 15 images in your gallery as part of your package.

Regular full-Sessions:

  • If you're the type of person that wants to plan, organize and choose your location, my regular (full) sessions could be perfect for you!

  • The length of these sessions are a minimum of 60-90 minutes, and we work together from the moment you book on planning your ideal family session. You might have a list of must-have photos you're looking to update which I will guarantee we capture.

  • Location choice is up to you! I can help give recommendations as always but sometimes you might have a local park or idea in mind for your vision.

  • In this package, you get to select up to 25 images from your final gallery.

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