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What to expect at your outdoor family session?

Updated: Apr 5

Being outdoors with your family in your favourite park is so special!

You've booked your family session.

You know what everyone is wearing.

Now the hard part is over! Let the fun begin when you arrive at your session.

What types of photos do I focus on first?

With little ones, I find they might be shy at the beginning and stay close to Mom & Dad. This is a great opportunity for me to pose everyone into a nice family portrait in the park. Everyone is smiling perfectly and listening to Mom! lol.

Family Portrait, Siblings Portrait, Mom & Dad together...are all my favourite ones to capture early on!

Did you know I love to bring props and fun things for kids to enjoy!

A bubble machine, stickers, lollipops, wooden boxes to sit on...are all some of my favourite things to have on-hand.

I really enjoy having kids sit on a nice blanket or wooden box even in the park to capture their individual portrait.

Playing with the kids is key for me - for photos with their sibling even playing a game of who is taller is fun to enjoy and helps me sneak in the perfect photos.

Being Patient is so important to me!

Let the kids be themselves during our session together. Throw the leaves in the air, find some sticks, just let them explore and I'll sneak in great behind the scenes photos of the family being together.

What if my child isn't cooperating or gets upset?

That's ok - we can take breaks as we need to, and even walk through the park to see if they help settle down. I book my sessions with lots of time allotted and am a Mom of 2 so can fully relate. If you're a new Mom and need to breastfeed, we can take a break...or if your toddler needs a snack, bring one out! I can reassure you that I like work efficiently during our session together and capture as many images as I can in a short amount of time.

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