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What to wear for your Family Session!

Be comfortable

I want you to feel and look your best. Choose one outfit piece that makes you feel excited - fun colourful heels, designer purse, your favourite dress you haven’t worn in forever or even a sentimental accessory that you want to have as a special piece.

Once you’re organized, you can tie in the rest of the family with a similar colour palette. Lay everyone’s outfit all together ahead of the session to make sure you’re happy with how it all looks.

Consider the Season for colours in your outfit

  • Spring - Blue and pink pastel colours is a nice colour palette, as well as olive, teal and grey together in this season.

  • Summer - Tan, cream, navy or brown. Shades of blue also have a nice look for a ‘feeling of home’ and blend nicely with green backgrounds. Look for texture and movement in your clothes! A flowy summer skirt could be nice for movement walking or twirling with your family.

  • Fall - Use a neutral palette which include burnt oranges, creamy nude or earthy reds. Use layers to stay cozy, but also help add in a pop of colour and dimension. Jackets, light sweaters, ankle or riding boots are all great pieces to consider.

  • Winter - Using red, gold or cream colours in a scarf, gloves or even shoes. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at my winter sessions how many families remove their jackets for a few family photos outside, even after a fresh snowfall so keep your outfit in mind under your jackets even in the colder seasons.

Use Layers

In all seasons, you can use layers for your outfit that you can start your session with, and remove as needed without having to do a complete outfit change.

Avoid bright colours, logo’s, stripes, and patterns!

Let your kids pick their own outfits

Get them involved by laying out two outfit choices they can select from so they can feel the most comfortable to be themselves.

Co-ordinate, don’t match

Photography trends have definitely changed and everyone doesn’t need to be co-ordinated in the same outfit or same colours! Have fun and no need to stress. Your family photos will be perfect as is.

Get Inspired

Check out my Pinterest boards that can help you visually see what to wear! So many great ideas to help you and feel free to reach out as well. We will have you all organized before your session. I’m here to help!

Book your Family Session with me today!

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