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When is the best time to book your family portrait session?

Updated: May 23

The answer is simple - anytime.

Your family in this moment today can make any season the best season….remember your kids are only this little once!

Spring season is great for warmer weather & rainy days…

Extended family session Toronto

In the Spring season, the colours are so beautiful with fresh flowers and everything turning to green. The weather starts to get warmer too, and kids especially love exploring the bugs on the forest path or the colours of fresh tulips blooming. Rainy days making incredible photos with rain boots, puddle reflections and bright umbrellas too. It's actually my favourite season for my family to explore and capture the moments in between when they don't expect it.

Longer, brighter days in the Summer…

Family portrait with Mom Toronto

If you're looking for that predictable sunshine, and a warmer day, taking photos in the summer would be ideal for your family. The kids will be warm enough, and can go barefoot on the grass or even in the warmer water.

Selecting outfits can be easier too as you need less layers. All we would need to do is best plan for the timing on that day so it's not too hot (or too busy) in the park location you prefer. Early morning sessions or late afternoon/evening would work best for timing.

Beautiful autumn colours in the Fall…

Fall family photography

I especially love the orange and brown tones of this season which accentuate the natural elements in your photos. It is an easier season to dress for as you catch a warmer day, and layer to show off multiple outfits. Your kids will especially love jumping into leaf piles and throwing them up in the air. You're never too old to have fun with this part - and it's a great photo to cherish!

Curious on what the difference is between a mini-session & a full session?

Mom portrait with children Fall photography

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