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"Is it Time to Update Your Professional Headshot? Tips on What to Wear for Your Next Milton Studio Photoshoot with Tegan Monaco"

Updated: Mar 22

Has work asked you for an updated headshot?

Thinking of updating your personal profile photo?

It's a common request I'm receiving this Winter with clients looking to update their LinkedIn or social profiles online. Did you know even if you're not looking for a new job, it's important to have an updated headshot for your business every 2 years. ⁠

A professional headshot is an investment in yourself, that can be used as a marketing tool. Having a high-quality photograph of yourself tells a story.

Everything from the background, facial expression, to the clothes you wear is important and allows the audience to get a glimpse into who you are.

Best only takes 30 minutes in studio!⁠

My studio setup offers:⁠

- Great studio lighting⁠

- Wide variety of options for seating & standing poses⁠

- Expert advice on recommended posing to achieve your vision⁠

What should I wear for my headshots?

First step, select 1 - 2 outfits that you would consider wearing to a job interview.

For Men:

  • Lean more on the formal side and think about the outfit details from head to toe (cuff-links, dress shoes, etc).

  • A collared shirt with a jacket is a great polished look.

  • Add a tie if you want it to be more formal and can be removed for other photos as well.

  • Black, charcoal, navy, and white are timeless.

  • To stand out a bit, add a pop of colour with a pocket square or tie.

For Women:

  • Key is to keep your outfit classic and timeless

  • Stick to neutrals and keep patterns subtle

  • You could start with jeans & a blazer, neutral blouses with black pants, fun heels or boots.

  • In terms of colours, keep to neutrals (white, grey, black)

Many clients bring multiple outfits to change up your look throughout your session!

Key is to feel comfortable in your outfits and best to try on before to make sure you feel good.

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