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Why choose me as your photographer? Toronto Family Photographer - Tegan Monaco

I care.

I am easy-going.

I am flexible & patient.

I value your time.

I like to connect with your children to bring out their personalities.

I don't like to pose or force kids to "smile".

I am open to your input and ideas.

I will work hard to capture your best moments.

All of these reasons can help you better understand that you'll have a great experience working with me. With a busy lifestyle myself, I respect your time and energy to book a session and aim to make it a fun family time all together. I love hearing from past clients "they should have booked with me sooner" and eager to book another one soon before they get busy again.

My goal is to capture the moments of your family that you cherish, and share with others.

Everyone in your family is welcome. We will work together the whole way to achieve your vision!

Let's connect today to book your session!

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