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Why having your newborn photos in your home is important - with Toronto Photographer Tegan Monaco

Updated: Apr 5

From the moment you become pregnant, you start to think about all the exciting milestones ahead for your little one that is on the way! It is an exciting and overwhelming time all at once.

I know when I was pregnant, I wanted to make sure I captured the moments on camera in those first few weeks of when they are so little and new to the world.

Your families health and safety is most important to me!

When coming into your house, I am extremely conscientious of being healthy and safe around your little one. My mask is worn the entire time of your session, and frequent hand washing takes place. I'm a Mom of two kiddos and know the most important thing is keeping your newborn healthy and free of germs.

Choosing the right time for your photos after your delivery

This is entirely up to you - some parents are ready for photos a few days after they get home from the hospital and others may want to wait a few weeks to get settled into their new routine. Anytime within those first 3 months is ideal to capture your little one's details, baby cries and first few yawns. These are the best moments. I let the new Mama's reach out to me when they are ready to book and make it a first priority in my calendar to make it happen.

Less stress when having your photos done in your own space and my schedule is flexible

Having your newborn photos done in your home is so special. It takes away the stress of having to drive to a location on-time and get everything together ahead of time. The schedule of your photos can be completely up to you - a few days before our scheduled time, I connect with the Mom and discuss the best time for me to pop over. If anything changes morning of, I can be flexible to adapt to their schedules as well.

Top question I get from a new Mom is "How to prepare for my arrival"?

  • Keep it simple - have a shower, eat something and wear something that is most comfortable.

  • When I arrive, I will set-up my equipment, and tidy up anything in the background that needs to be moved. I'll help get everything ready so all you need to do is bring in the baby when I'm ready.

  • While I'm photographing your little one, take the extra few minutes to eat & drink something and take a few moments for you!

My favourite types of newborn photos are in the details

  • Taking the time early on in my shoot to get in close to the details, hands, feet, face are some of the best images that last a lifetime.

  • Depending on babies mode, I will leave them to be in the most comfortable position on their back or side, to take in the full-length shots of how little they truly are.

  • Once I've captured newborn details, I bring in Mom and Dad to enjoy the moment and get in nice and close together. Seeing how little the baby is in their arms is an important memory to capture.

Newborn photos can take up to 90 minutes

I will work at your pace! If your baby gets restless or needs a quick feed, take all the time you need. This session is for you and I remember the early days of parenting, and like to adapt to whatever is needed.

Let's book today if you're expecting or have recently delivered!

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