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"5 Reasons to Hire Tegan Monaco as Your Photographer"

Updated: Mar 22

I am patient.

Sometimes the hardest part of your entire session is making it to the session itself, and figuring out what to wear, let's be honest. As we get organized in starting our session, I am patient the whole way...either letting your kids settle in or learning more about why you need new headshots. I like to put people at ease soon after meeting them.

I respect your time and run my sessions very smoothly.

If you're doing an outdoor shoot with me, I'll be at your location super early to scope it out and be ready to go. I think it's so important to be professional and respect your time to get the session done as quickly as possible.

In studio, I'm always ready for you! Day before my sessions start, I clean and organize the studio so it's a great experience for you and everyone involved. Even when doing my mini-sessions with back to back bookings, I always buffer in time so no one feels rushed or that I'm moving too quickly.

I am prepared & organized.

I work hard to capture all the moments & give you a large variety of images to choose from.

You'll likely find that I take lots of photos during your session - that's why you hired me right? It's my job to capture as many moments as I can and find the best ones to share with you. I like to help give some direction for posing and also let things naturally fall into place. Often at the start of the session, is when could be most nervous so giving more poses is key to get you into position...then you'll be having a blast and feeling more comfortable soon after. It's important to me that I capture the true authentic you (and your families!).

I get it - you've been meaning to have a photo session sooner but other things took priority!

I am a Mom with 2 kids and can relate how busy life can be, and how fast they grow up!

I like to connect with your children to bring out their personalities.

I enjoy working together to plan your session & your must have photos!

All of these reasons can help you better understand that you'll have a great experience working with me.

I love hearing from past clients "they should have booked with me sooner" and eager to book another one soon before they get busy again.

Everyone in your family is welcome, including your pets & grandparents!

Let's connect today to book your session!

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